Coconut Chai Chia Pudding

A delicious coconut chai chia pudding, made with chai tea steeped-coconut milk and topped with a myriad of super foods, is a gorgeously healthy way to start the day.chai chia puddingBefore we dig into this Coconut Chai Chia Pudding, I just have to say that chia pudding is one of those breakfasts that I can become completely obsessed with for a good chunk of time. Never mind that it’s a gorgeous way to start the day, the amount of protein, anti-oxidants andĀ omega-3 fatty acids in one serving of chia seeds is enough to make you look and feel more gorgeous when consumed regularly.

Chai Chia Pudding-4Sometimes I go overboard on the chia pudding and have to take a little break, but what always keeps me coming back are the endless possibilities of flavors that its blank canvas provides.

chai chia puddingYou can have it any which way, changing up the liquid that the seeds soak in to suit your fancy (any non-dairy milk is usually what I reach for, although sometimes I’ll add in some yogurt too if I’m craving a thicker consistency), and flavoring that liquid in creative ways to come up with all sorts of concoctions.

And don’t even get me started on the toppings.

coconut chai chia puddingcoconut chai chia puddingcoconut chai chia puddingLately what I’ve been loving is steeping teas into my chia soaking liquid prior to adding the seeds, like I did with this raspberry matcha chia pudding, which is to die for and you should definitely try. But first you should try this Coconut Chai Chia Pudding, especially while blood oranges are still in season because they happen to go perfectly together.

coconut chai chia puddingCoconut milk is my liquid of choice this time because it compliments the warming chai spices beautifully. Just remember to give it a good stir just before serving to reincorporate any of the coconut cream that may have risen to the top while it was chilling overnight.

coconut chai chia puddingAs for toppings? I’m partial to the aforementioned blood oranges (another healthy obsession), toasted coconut, goji berries, cacao nibs, hemp seeds and a generous drizzle of honey (feel free to use agave or maple syrup if you’re keeping this recipe strictly vegan). But again, the possibilities are endless, and totally up to you.


Head over to SoFabFood for the full recipe!

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