Kitchen Roundup: June

It has been a whirlwind Summer so far in the Le Petit Chef kitchen! I’ve had a blast cooking up all kinds of delicious meals for many different clients and playing around in my own kitchen at home, so I’m excited to share some of the foodie photos I snapped from the month of June…I hope you like them!

Fresh peaches over vanilla ice cream…the perfect end to our first BBQ of the Summer!
Happy Hour: Cucumber Lime Gimlet & Proscuitto, Melon & Fresh Mozzarella Brochettes.
 It’s a good thing I made extra of these Chocolate Whiskey Creme Brûlées, 
because the clients asked for seconds!
Behind the scenes: researching recipes.
The chef always eats last. (leftover) Baguette French Toast with Strawberry Compote.
Gotta love finger condoms…cuts and burns can’t stop me!
Ahh, Chicken Marsala. You will always be one of my all time favorite dinners.
Kiddos excited to dig in to the sliders bar!
A full cart, long list and teeny tiny coffee. My typical Trader Joe’s situation.
I get to cook in some of the coolest kitchens!
The birthday boy, a beach BBQ and a homemade birthday cake. 
All in all, a perfect Summer day!

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