Tasty Travels: San Diego

When John and I first started dating he was living in San Diego, and although we dreaded battling the LA traffic every couple of weeks during those early days of our then long-distance relationship, I have such fond memories of those visits to San Diego when we were falling in love. It’s such fun to go back and take a stroll down memory lane, so we try to do that at least once a year.
On our most recent trip we visited Urban Solace in North Park on the recommendation of a friend, and were instantly sold on the ambiance thanks to the scotch shrine to Ron Burgundy in the center of the bar! Classic!

 The food certainly didn’t disappoint either- the “Skillet Duckaroni” was the most memorable dish we sampled of the evening- the duck, rich gorgonzola and a subtle but unmistakable hint of cardamom were an unexpectedly pleasant combination. The desserts were deliciously inventive as well; the Banana S’more with organic graham crust, chocolate ganache, caramelized banana and homemade malted marshmallow is a can’t miss!

Another highlight of the trip was our visit to John’s old ‘hood: Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach has a  wonderful collection of antique stores scattered along Newport Street, which I used to frequent regularly when John would have to work and I was left to my own devices.
Too cute, right?? 

So naturally, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop by for some decor inspiration,
a shabby chic kitchen sign,
and some vintage Chanel buttons (hello DIY earrings!).
After we had worked up a proper appetite we made our way over to OB Noodle House. It’s safe to say this was “our place” when John lived in San Diego.

 And these Spicy Garlic Wings were a big reason why. They are to die for.

 This Asian fusion joint has a mouthwatering selection of Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean dishes. The pho is delightful and definitely try the short ribs. And it’s a noodle house, so don’t skimp on the noodles!

 And a ninja Guy Fieri mural on the wall? Come on! Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this place.

We ended our trip with a relaxing stop at Kate Sessions park, which has an incredible view of the bay. A quick nap and we were on our way back to our beloved Santa Barbara…until next time San Diego, stay classy!

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