Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Mini Cheesecakes

This no-bake raw vegan cheesecake recipe makes six individual Vanilla Bean Mini Cheesecakes or one large cheesecake that can be cut into several slices. The cashew-based filling is rich and creamy, and the pomegranate glaze is an easy yet festive touch.

Front view of No-Bake Vegan Vanilla Bean Mini Cheesecakes with pomegranate glaze dripping off

Can you believe Christmas is less than a week away? I’m so unprepared! Usually, I’m all about it going overboard with bows on presents and partaking in all sorts of other cheesy festive activities.

But this year I am totally off my holiday game since we’ve been displaced due to the Thomas fire.

But what’s most important is that our home is safe (THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS!) and we’re all together.

We’re breathing clean air which suddenly feels like a luxury! When something like this happens it really shifts things into perspective and we realize we have heaps to be thankful for.

Overhead view of No-Bake Vegan Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Mini Cheesecakes

My husband, myself and our three cats have taken over my sister’s house in the Bay Area. Things considered, we’re actually having a great time, sneaking in all kinds of extra friend and family time.

But I will say that with our schedules being upended and living out of a suitcase for the past several days, things like Christmas shopping, holiday baking, etc. have not been a super high priority.

Luckily these No-Bake Vegan Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Mini Cheesecakes are bringing the Christmas cheer.

Front view of Vegan Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Mini Cheesecakes stacked with jar of glaze

I made these vegan cashew cheesecakes at home in my own kitchen (oh how I miss my kitchen) the day before I high tailed it out of Santa Barbara to escape the smoke.

Not wanting these pretty mini cakes to go to waste, I packed them still inside their molds into a cooler full of ice packs and toted them along with me up to Northern California for future enjoyment.

Close up shot of no-bake vegan cashew vanilla bean cheesecake with pomegranate glaze dripping off

Why this No-Bake Vegan Cheesecake recipe is the perfect healthy treat for the holidays: 

  • The rich and creamy cashew-based cheesecake filling is studded with vanilla beans.
  • Our raw vegan cheesecake crust is a mix of almond flour, pecans, dates, maple syrup, and coconut oil.
  • These No-Bake Vegan Vanilla Bean Mini Cheesecakes can also be made into one full-size cheesecake. Just use a standard springform pan instead of cheesecake molds.
  • Oh, and did I mention these beauties are not only vegan but also gluten-free?


side view of no-bake vegan cheesecake with pomegranate glaze with bite taken out

I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones! Even though it has been sort of wonky for us, healthy treats like these Vegan Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Mini Cheesecakes have totally helped.

We also just bought tickets to see The Nutcracker at the San Francisco Ballet (a longstanding holiday tradition in my family), which is totally lifting our holiday spirits!

Tips for making these No-Bake Vegan Cashew Cheesecakes: 

  • I like using Medjool dates for vegan desserts as they are softer and easier to chop or blend. They also have a rich, almost caramel-like taste which I find absolutely irresistible.
  •  You can soak your cashews at room temperature. If you want to soak the nuts overnight, make sure to place them in the fridge. As a short-cut, you can soak them in very hot, but not boiling water.
  • Make sure to give your can of coconut milk a good shake before measuring it out. Coconut milk tends to separate into a thick layer of coconut cream atop a watery liquid.

Overhead view of no-bake vegan cheesecakes with vanilla cashew filling and pomegranate glaze

Variations on this No-Bake Vegan Cheesecake recipe: 

  • You can substitute walnuts or pistachios for pecans in the crust recipe.
  • Feel free to add a pinch of ground cardamom to the raw vegan crust recipe for a Middle Eastern touch.
  • If you cannot find pomegranate juice where you live, you can top these with vegan coconut caramel or my all-natural chocolate syrup and some pomegranate arils or my easy sparkling sugared cranberries.

No-Bake Vegan Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Mini Cheesecakes - side view

How long can these Vegan Vanilla Bean Mini Cheesecakes sit out before they get too soft?

The coconut oil added to the cheesecake filling keeps these from “melting” at room temperature.

However, I would not leave these cheesecakes at room temperature for longer than an hour, even less if it’s really warm where you live. It’s highly recommended to store these in the fridge.

If you’d like to try more recipes for vegan cheesecakes with cashew nuts, make sure to try my recipe for Vegan Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars.

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Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Mini Cheesecakes

This recipe makes six individual Pomegranate Vanilla Bean mini cheesecakes or one large cheesecake that can be cut into several slices. The no-bake cashew based filling is rich and creamy without using dairy or eggs, and the pomegranate glaze is an easy yet festive touch.

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword no bake vegan cheesecake, raw vegan cheesecake, vegan cheesecake with cashew
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 6
Author Denisse


For the crust:

  • ½ cup raw pecans
  • ½ cup almond flour
  • 2 pitted dates
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon salt

For the cheesecake:

  • 2 cups raw cashews soaked in cold water for at least six hours or up to overnight
  • ½ cup canned coconut milk shaken
  • ¼ cup refined coconut oil melted and cooled
  • cup pure maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract or 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

For the pomegranate glaze:

  • 8 ounces pomegranate juice
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch
  • Pomegranate arils for garnish


  1. Grease six mini cheesecake molds or a consistency springform pan with coconut oil (if using springform pan line the bottom with parchment paper).
  2. Add the pecans, almond flour, pitted dates, coconut oil, cinnamon and salt to a food processor or high-powered blender and pulverize until it comes together into a dough. Press the dough evenly along the bottom of the prepared pan.
  3. In the same food processor or high-powered combine all of the filling ingredients and blend for about 2 minutes, or until the mixture is silky smooth and creamy, scraping down the sides as necessary and adding a small amount more coconut milk if needed to get it to help it reach a smoother consistency.

  4. Pour the filling into the prepared pan over the crust. Smooth out the top and tap the pan hard against the counter a few times to release any air bubbles.
  5. Freeze for at least 3 hours or until completely firm.
  6. Place pomegranate juice in a small saucepan over high heat and bring to a boil. Cook until liquid has reduced by two thirds, about 10 minutes. Reduce heat to a simmer. Combine cornstarch with one tablespoon of water in a small bowl and whisk until smooth. Add to saucepan and stir. Bring mixture back up to a boil and cook for another 1-2 minutes or until mixture has thickened. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.
  7. Before serving, thaw cheesecakes at room temperature for 15 minutes. Spoon pomegranate glaze over cheesecakes and top with pomegranate arils.


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Vegan No-Bake Vanilla Mini Cheesecakes with Pomegranate Glaze - The no-bake cashew based filling is rich and creamy, and the pomegranate glaze is an easy yet festive touch! The perfect healthy dessert for the holidays! #vegan, #desserts

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