November Photo Recap

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Holy moly, November just FLEW by, didn’t it? Since it was kind of a whirlwind month I thought I’d sum it all up in photos I grabbed off my phone and share what I got up to. Let’s get into it!

november photos foster kittenWe fostered our last group of kittens for the season, and they were all adopted immediately at a local foster event. Success! I mean, who wouldn’t want to take this little guy home?

november photos acai bowlMaking acai bowls at home has been my new thang…even though it’s beginning to get colder in Cali and I’ll probably start craving hot breakfasts it’s been fun playing around with different topping combos.

november photos chicago beanI went to Chicago!! I bit the bullet at the last minute and bought a ticket to attend BlogHer Food. Starting to take this blogging thing seriously hehe…here I am acting all giddy and tourist-y in front of The Bean.

november photos chicago

november photos downtown chicagoI LOVE big cities (I may call Santa Barbara home but I’m a San Francisco girl at heart) so I absolutely adored walking  around downtown Chicago and feeling a brisk chill in the air- finally somewhere I could wear a jacket and scarf!

november photos blogher foodThe BlogHer Food conference was a blast. I took in a wealth of information, ate too many free food samples and met tons of other bloggers and industry peeps. This new friend and I may or may not have had a little too much fun in the Otis Spunkmeyer photo booth…

november photos dorite donutsWhilst in Chi-town I had to do some R & D at Do-Rite Donuts. Work is hard.

november photos sunset cloudsThen it was back to Santa Barbara and its gorgeous fall sunsets that transform the clouds into cotton candy. Swoon.

november photos star wars chocolatesIt’s still warm enough in the evening to host outdoor movie nights in our backyard, and we’ve been showing every episode in the Star Wars saga in anticipation of the newest release. Our friends have really been getting into it, bringing light sabers, donning Star Wars apparel (including undies!) and even making these cool Star Wars chocolates! Apparently we’ve got some super fans in the crew.

november photos pumpkin pop tartsThere was no shortage of autumn treats in the household, like these Vegan Maple Pumpkin Pop Tarts I’ve been making that always get devoured way too quickly.

november photos tablescapeThen Thanksgiving was upon us before we knew it and I catered dinner for a client. How amazing is this dining table? I had to snap a pic- can you spy me?

november photos turkeyUsually I opt not to work this holiday and instead choose to spend it with my family (don’t worry, my fam is the best and was nice enough to move our turkey day to Friday so I could still celebrate with them), so this was actually my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner from start to finish all by myself. And not to brag or anything but I’m pretty sure I NAILED IT.

november photos piesSo there we have it, November in a nutshell. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my goings on in real time!

Now December is in full swing- can you believe it? I know it can be a crazy/hectic time of year so let’s all try to remember to breathe, celebrate and stop to appreciate those special moments with our loved ones.

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